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Tasting Notes – “World Spirits Award 2020”


 Zigarrenbrand Cuvée Pera   - Gold

Pear, quince and conifer sprouts

0.5L Bottle – 45% Alc.

Fragrance: A multi-variant aroma concept, sponge, vanilla, a touch of citrus, intense ripe quince notes, a lot of ethereal and fresh accents, almost resinous and coniferous background, Tonka bean, tobacco, sherry notes, somewhat balsamic and green wood character. 

Taste: Very intense quince aromas, chocolatey, a lot of ripe pear notes, green and herbal basis, pine needles, sherry cask stylistics, somewhat haggard wood, mint, attractive chilli pungency, good harmony and density, balsamic sherry finish.


Single Malt Whisky  - Silver

0.5L Bottle – 43% Alc.

Fragrance: Very characterful variety interpretation, fruity ester and grainy basis, dusty grain, apple peel, slightly quince-like and medicinal background, a touch of vanilla, very green and lacquer-like wood notes, fresh wood chips, green walnuts, minty, slightly balsamic and acidulous. 

Taste: Aroma copy on the palate, subtly grainy, intense, green wood notes, subtly iodine and smoky, marc-like, lacquer-like, almost resinous and conifererous spicyness, green nuts, dark chocolate, honey, dry, fairly full-bodied and long, somewhat over-coating finish.

Available spirits.


1, Single Malt Whisky, 43%, 500cc, Batch L-219 - Silver Medal – “World Spirits Award 2020”.

2, Zigarrenbrand Cuvée, 45%, 500cc, Batch L-119 - Pear, quince and conifer sprouts. Ideal companion for the cigar lovers.

Gold Medal – “World Spirits Award 2020”.

3, Apfel, 42%, 500cc, Batch L-120 - Apple brandy

4, Haselnuss Geist, 42%, 500cc, Batch L-121 - Hazelnut spirit

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"Master craftspeople & industrial masterpieces from all over the world"

© Copyright WSA World-Spirits Award by Wolfram Ortner

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Gala 2019.

Friday 22nd March 2019

Grafenegg Castle, Lower Austria.

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